This post talks about how to spot mold build up on your windows and how to get rid of them. And lastly, it talks about how to proactively prevent them.
Often, after a while, it is natural for mold to build upon our windows. This is usually caused by moisture. It could be the rain seeping in, a leaky roof or rising basement damp. Cleaning the mold early on can save you the cost of having a window replacement soon. Here is how to spot molds and get rid of them appropriately.

How to Spot Mold Build-up on Your Windows

Molds begin to pop out at the bottom of the windows. They usually are coloured but at times they could be just the colour of your window. The fact that you can spot colouration doesn’t mean the coloured parts are the parts that have mold on them. They sometimes blend easily with the colour of your window. Usually, the strange colours you see is an indication but you should make a comprehensive inspection of the window to see if that is the only affected part. Now to the intricate part…

How do I Deal with Mold Build-up on My Window

You need to carefully deal with mold as they can be injurious to the health.
The first thing you want to do is to find the cause. Moist as mentioned earlier is the major cause. You could check around for leakages to prevent further mold build-up.

  • Protect yourself by putting on gloves, goggles and dust masks. You don’t want to be inhaling any harmful spore.
  • Ensure that the room is ventilated. This guarantees that the mold doesn’t hang on in the atmosphere but escapes outside.
  • Create a bleach mixed with water and clean with a non-abrasive brush. Hard brushes could dent your window. Use a rag to gently wipe away the mold you have softened with the brush. The United States center for diseases control prescribes one cup of bleach to one cup of water for maximum efficiency. Scrub ceaselessly till the molds are all out.
  • Wait a while for the spots to dry and wipe off residues.

How to Prevent Future Mold Accumulation

Basement windows are more prone to mold build up because of their ground positioning. Consider window wells to help you get rid of water from your windows. When you notice water, put a cloth around the frame and do other things you deem necessary based on the peculiar situation to prevent water from staying on the window frames.
The best way to maintain a mold-free windows is keeping tabs on it from time to time. This is after you must have addressed the root of the problem. The cause could be leakages or lack of ventilation. Getting ventilation and moisture worked out will reduce your chances of getting mold accumulated on your windows. It’s a sure way of not having to do a window replacement soon.