How Can I Increase The Natural Light In My House?

How Can I Increase The Natural Light In My House?

The most beautiful thing about living in a house are the wonderful views of the garden. Relaxing autumn rain, spring blossoms and snow blankets on you

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The most beautiful thing about living in a house are the wonderful views of the garden. Relaxing autumn rain, spring blossoms and snow blankets on your front lawn – what a delight. Unfortunately, some homes haven’t got the proper access to views and sunlight. A room may be oriented North, or the window facing the neighbor’s brick wall. These situations surely take away the fun part of living in a house. However, every problem can be solved and here are the ways to increase natural light in a shadowy and dark living area:

How Can I Increase The Natural Light In My House?

Decorations and Mirrors

The main tool of a clever interior designer is optical illusions. With properly placing objects, the designer can make any room look larger and brighter. For instance did you know that with placing mirrors across windows, you allow more sunlight to be bounced off inside – creating amazing shades and ideal living environments? Another thing designers do very carefully is choosing decorations and room accessories. A light green plant or a gentle pink flower will surely brighten up the space. But choose your decorations wisely since some materials absorb light rather than reflecting it. Avoid anything with darker colors and opt for glass vases or reflective tiles in your home.

Try New Shades Or Curtains

When homeowners choose window treatments, they often forget the joyful sun waves. If you have blackout shades, don’t be surprised about the darkness lurking in a room. We understand, you need strong blinds to block out views and preserve privacy and protection. However, strong and UV resistant blinds come with a cost – no natural light. The best way to have both privacy, views and brightness is to combine curtains and blinds together. Some blinds even tilt and allow sunlight to enter while also obstructing the views from the outside. Consult with a designer to choose the best window treatment for your home. Note: Low-weight, gentle materials such as silk work better than heavy and thick.

Change The Windows

On the other hand, if the window treatments are working fine and are gentle and protective at the same time, take a look at your windows. This insulator’s quality, type and material determine how light rays reflect into the interior. Now, before you decide on a full window replacement have in mind that the glass has the biggest influence on amount of natural light. Low-E coating is recommended for increasing efficiency, but it also reduces solar heat gain. The best Low-E windows should block harmful UV rays while also letting the good ones in. Other solar glass ratings you should look out for are VT and SHGC. To increase natural light, you should at least replace your window glass with one of higher quality.

Add Skylights Or Round

Besides replacing your windows or glass, creating new window openings also has a high success rate for brightening up interior spaces. The more windows you have, the more light allowed to enter. So what should your new insulators look like? Always and forever, an amazing option is skylight windows. They are placed on ceilings and can brighten up any space. Drinking coffee in your kitchen while looking at the morning clouds – what a dream! Other great options are picture (static) and round (static or operable). They usually accompany other window types and are solely placed for the purpose of increasing the natural feel in a home.

Repaint And Replace

The last, but not least ways of enjoying more sunshine on the inside are repainting projects and floor replacements. Darker colored walls absorb light and do not reflect it. Making at least one wall a brighter and warmer color will significantly improve a room’s feel. Just by a simple repainting job, you will forever cease the need for turning on the light bulbs during a sunny day. Remember, everything dark absorbs light, so if you have intense floorings or carpets, stop for a second and think: How does this influence my daily routine? As soon as you get the chance, throw away those rusty floor coverings and polish the ground you walk on with shiny tiles or light colored hardwood floorings. The more reflective, the better for your house.