Moving to a new place? Excited? It feels great when we move to a new neighbourhood, meet new people, explore new places, etc. We always consider the housing cost or rentals before moving to a new place but are these factors good enough to consider? Other than the housing or rental cost, cost of living or designing the interior or exterior of the house, there are some more factors that are also crucial to consider when you decide to move to a new place:

1. Meet the neighbours

Before you decide to move into a new place, you should always meet the local people around the area. Ask them how lively the place is, talk about the community, and discuss the pros and cons of living at the place you are considering to move in.

2. School

You should always check if there are good schools near your new neighbourhood, apart from the distance of the school from your house, you must also check the rating of the school.

3. Distance to your Job

One of the most important things is to consider is the distance to your job, it has to be feasible for you. You don’t want to ruin your morning sleep just to wake up early and get stuck in traffic. Also, do check the services and frequency of public transport in the area.

4. Grocery store

Roam around and check if there are enough grocery stores near your new neighbourhood. Why? Because we spend most of our weekends, shopping for groceries and making long-distance travels for grocery shopping may ruin your weekend.

5. Dental Clinic, Physician and an Optometrist

What is better than a beautiful smile, good eyesight and a fit body for you and your kids. When your kids are in a growing age, they require frequent visits to the dental clinic, physician, and optometrist and you would not want to travel all the way across the city while you or your kid is in jeopardy.

6. Emergency Services

In case of emergencies, a hospital or a police station are the first things we look up to. They should be close enough to your new place to avoid any delays in reaching the hospital or Police Station.

7. Recreation Spots

To keep your kids away from boredom at your new place, check if there are playgrounds, libraries, and other kid-friendly spots available.

8. Security

Research about the recent incidents, crime rate in that area. We can not sacrifice the security even if we are getting a great deal.

9. Low noise

We always want to enjoy our evening coffee or dinner peacefully when we are back from work. A place near the busy road or a crowded area would not let you enjoy your evening.