Read This Before Buying Motorized Blinds

Read This Before Buying Motorized Blinds

Technology is improving daily, and smart home devices have become the new trend. Home automation makes our lives easier and better. You can access any

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Technology is improving daily, and smart home devices have become the new trend. Home automation makes our lives easier and better. You can access any device at home remotely. So, how about motorized window treatments or window coverings?

This guide will help you understand everything you need to know before buying motorized blinds.

What are motorized blinds?

Think of automatic blinds that open and close or shades that raise and lower. This automation is made possible with motorized blinds. Such a method comes in handy, especially when you have pets or children at home.

Uses of Motorized Blinds

If you have kids or pets at home, motorized blinds make it a safe space for them.
With hard-to-reach windows like skylights, motorized blinds are the key solution.
Are you struggling to lift heavy blinds regularly? It’s time you shift to motorized blinds and make things easier.

Motorized Blind Working Pattern

Motorized blinds are powered through a lithium battery pack, mostly AA-type batteries. Nowadays, there are also varieties of rechargeable motor batteries. You can connect to an outlet with a USB when charging. When you use rechargeable motor batteries, it is best to have them only when you have an outlet near your window. Both these batteries should last somewhere between six months to one year, but their durability could vary due to different reasons like brand, size of the blind, usage, and others.


How reliable are motorized blinds, you ask? Motorized window treatments have a longer lifespan, similar to standard ones. With average durability spanning between 3-10 years, the reliability quotient is as high as regular window treatments. As in normal circumstances, the way you maintain the blinds affects their longevity. Especially proper charging of the batteries within regular schedules is essential.


Do motorized blinds cause any noise?

It is a very general question. Motorized window coverings make noise, but the decibel range differs with each brand and product type. But they are not loud. Motorized blinds produce a very minimal sound that does not affect the environment.

Do you need professional installation with motorized blinds?

Motorized blinds are not tricky to install, but it is always good to get them done by professionals. Proper installation goes a long way in ensuring the durability of the product. If you still choose to DIY, you can refer to the installation specifics guide that comes with your product. Unfortunately, there is no one way to install the motorized blinds as it varies with each product. But remember, if your blinds are wider and large, it is better to seek additional help from people around you or call up professionals.

Can they be connected to a smart device?

All motorized blinds have a remote that can be accessed to operate the blinds. Certain brands also provide smart device connections, where you can download respective apps to operate the blinds.

Wrapping Up

Motorized blinds are worth not just to satisfy your fancy tech needs. They also help enhance your home’s comfort, security, and efficiency. So, research well and find a proper motorized blind that fits all your needs and requirements.