5 Benefits of Lowering Your Basement

5 Benefits of Lowering Your Basement

If you own a property, you probably would have heard about lowering your basement. Also called basement underpinning, basement lowering refers to exca

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If you own a property, you probably would have heard about lowering your basement. Also called basement underpinning, basement lowering refers to excavation of the areas under the concrete slab of a building. When done correctly, basement lowering will increase the basement ceiling height.

In case you are wondering whether basement underpinning is a worthwhile investment or not, here are some benefits of lowering your basement that you should know.

  • It boosts the accessibility of your basement

Once your basement has been lowered, it will easier for everyone to see the structure under it. Therefore, whenever anyone needs to repair, inspect, or upgrade the electrical, insulation, or plumbing systems under the structure, they can easily access them without much hassle. This easy access does not only make the job easier for you or any professional home contractors, but it also makes your home more secure from electrical and plumbing problems.

  • It improves energy efficiency

After underpinning your basement, you are bound to enjoy some excellent insulation in the property. Besides, basement underpinning makes the basement to be waterproof; thus, lowering the energy use in your home. Over time, this will ensure that your energy costs are reduced significantly. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to make your home more energy-efficient, basement lowering should be one of your leading choices.

  • It creates extra living space

As explained earlier, basement lowering increases the height of the basement ceiling; hence, the basement will have more headspace. As a consequence of this, you can turn the basement into extra living space such as a home office, entertainment room, kid’s playroom, storage area, or recreation room. You can even use the additional living space as a rental unit and earn some money from it as monthly rent.

  • It aids basement waterproofing

Most homeowners are afraid of experiencing leaks, moisture, and flood in their basements. However, you don’t have to deal with nightmares over these problems as you can take advantage of basement lowering to secure your basement against water damage. This is because basement underpinning eases the installation of a new waterproofing system or improvement of the existing one.

Additionally, this gives you peace of mind as you can be certain that your home is free of any structural cracks, foundation failure, etc. that water damage can cause.

  • It increases property value

For most people, basement underpinning is not just about upgrading the living space, but it is a worthy investment for increasing property value. So, if you are thinking about boosting the value of your home, you should not overlook basement lowering. This is especially important if you want to sell your property in the future as most prospective buyers will value your home more if its basement has been lowered.

In a nutshell, investing in basement underpinning has numerous benefits that can make your home better, safer, and more valuable. Therefore, you should not hesitate to hire professionals to help you to lower your basement.