Hardwood Vs. Laminate Wood Flooring

Hardwood Vs. Laminate Wood Flooring

Contemplating between selecting Hardwood or Laminate flooring for your new home or renovation could be daunting as both options have their unique adva

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Contemplating between selecting Hardwood or Laminate flooring for your new home or renovation could be daunting as both options have their unique advantages. Hardwood flooring has dominated the market for a long time, but with the entry of laminate, an inexpensive choice, and hardwood look-alike, new homeowners are beginning to abandon hardwood. However, price shouldn’t be the only determining factor when thinking of a floor type to install. In this showdown, we’ll be revealing the differences and unique features of both options.

  • Installation

Installing hardwood usually requires the expertise of a professional to achieve a satisfactory flooring appearance. Laminate, a type of floating floor with an interlocking design, installs with ease, therefore, can be installed by DIY.

  • Scratch Resistance

Hardwood flooring can easily sustain scratches and after a while of foot traffic, a floor covered with hardwood is usually covered in multiple scratches, disfiguring your beautiful floor. But that’s if you fail to maintain it properly.

However, Laminate on the other hand has scratch resistance, thus retaining its original appearance for a longer period. 

  • Appearance 

Hardwood gives your floor a natural aesthetic and attractive feel from any distance. The availability of numerous options makes it even a better option for someone who wants quality in a unique style. On the other hand, Laminate could look appealing from a distance, but with closer scrutiny, you’ll notice that it’s synthetic and nothing like the original. 

  • Water Resistance 

Laminate flooring has high water resistance, therefore can be installed in places like the kitchen and areas where it’ll come in contact with water. However, it shouldn’t be installed in wet areas like the bathroom. On the other hand, Hardwood doesn’t want water at all. If water sits for long on a hardwood surface, it begins to damage it, causing your floor to disfigure.

  • Durability

Hardwood flooring can last a lifetime in your home. Because it’s made of real hardwood and not synthetic, it can withstand years of foot traffic, not giving in to wear and tear. Hardwood in this regard also makes your home more valuable in decades when you choose to resell. However, Laminate flooring, a synthetic cheaper option to hardwood flooring requires replacement or majors repairs after about 10 years. 

  • Price 

More homeowners are towing the path of Laminate flooring because of its affordability compared to the heavy price of buying and installing hardwood. Since Laminate wood is synthetic, it uses cheaper materials which reflect in its selling price.