Are Annual Eye Exams Necessary?

Are Annual Eye Exams Necessary?

Just like general health checkups, eye care is a necessity. Eye exams are conducted by optometrists and they are basically the process of checking you

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Just like general health checkups, eye care is a necessity. Eye exams are conducted by optometrists and they are basically the process of checking your eyes for any problems and providing solutions to any underlying problems. There are several benefits of having your eyes checked whether you have eye defects or you have excellent vision. So, if you are wondering whether an annual eye exam is necessary, here are some benefits that will encourage you to book an appointment with your optometrist.

  • Prevent unforeseen problems

Prevention is better than cure, and the only way to prevent a problem is when you know about it. Regular eye exams help you understand what is normal and what is not for your eyes. That way, you can easily identify when a problem is setting in your eyes, and with early detection, you have a better recovery and you can also prevent further problems. 

  • Asymptomatic Eye Defects

While most eye defects come with aggressive or obvious symptoms, there are some eye defects that do not show any signs until they are completely full-blown, which can be quite problematic. A common example of an asymptomatic eye defect is glaucoma, which develops slowly without showing any sign, and if left unattended, might lead to a total loss of sight. With a regular eye exam, your optometrist will be able to quickly detect any asymptomatic eye problems.

  • Reveal Other Health Problems

Although an eye exam is focused on the wellness of your eyes, it can also be the leading sign of some other health problem. Eye exams can reveal other health issues by studying the blood vessels and arteries around the eyes. Health conditions like diabetes, brain tumors, high blood pressure, etc. can be detected by observing the eyes. So, with an annual eye exam, you can get a clean bill of health for your entire body or get notified of health problems in other parts of your body. 

  • Changes in Prescription

For people that are already on eye care such as specialized glasses or medications, a regular visit to the optometrist may reveal a need to change the details of your prescriptions. Visit your optometrist today to stay up to date on your prescriptions.

  • Myopia

Recently, there has been an increase in the cases of shortsightedness, aka Myopia, which is mostly recorded in children. If the possibility goes unchecked without prescription, it may worsen the sight. An annual eye exam will assess and reveal a child’s risk of myopia, after which the necessary measures can be taken.

Eye exams are not limited to people with eye defects because people with good vision also need to check their visual integrity from time to time. So be sure to make an appointment with an optometrist today.