How To Showcase Your Home For Sale

How To Showcase Your Home For Sale

Real estate trends are changing faster than ever. Selling a house has become a much harder task. These days, homebuyers know what they are looking for

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Real estate trends are changing faster than ever. Selling a house has become a much harder task. These days, homebuyers know what they are looking for and they can get it in a matter of seconds.

However, the old trickeries of showcasing still work. Thanks to psychology, even the average homeowner can easily shift the buyers’ perspective and manage to make an amazing deal on a completely average house.

To do it yourself, learn these proven and efficient tricks:

Use Various Media

Before you open the doors of your home, make sure that all advertisement is covered. Using flyers, photographs, and drones have been around for quite some time. Stay up to date and consult with your real estate agent on using media experts.

This is especially beneficial for homes located in natural landscapes and near water. Drones work amazing for landscapes. Besides the surrounding areas and backyard, you should also provide unique materials of your interior.

Instead of the regular old-fashioned virtual tours, create an entire video with the help of Toronto’s local videographers. Make an emotional connection between your house and the buyers.

After all, you want your home to be full-on viewing day. Creating a compelling video will attract much more buyers than putting an “on-sale” sign in the backyard. 

The Right Mood

After you have attracted potential buyers with amazing photos and videos, focus on preparing for “the big day”. This is when everybody comes to take a look at the condition of your home. To achieve maximum results, consider old realtor trickery.

The key for selling a home on the first day is in the details. Remember that your potential buyers are human as well and react with their senses. Creating the right mood will bring you many pleasant benefits. Here is what you should do:

  • Switch your water fountains & lights on
  • Set the right temperature on the inside
  • Put on relaxing music
  • Add modern wall art
  • If there isn’t any outside noise, open up the windows
  • Rearrange furniture to create symmetry
  • Decorate your garden and front doors

Food Preps

The most effective way to sell a home is to activate the senses. Invite people to touch your furniture by putting silk cloths on top. Leave the doors half-open so that buyers can enter the rooms on their own. Make the entire experience exciting.

This is where food comes in. People love to eat! Sure, you might have to clean some crumbs later, but when a buyer enjoys a snack in the kitchen, he/she creates strong links and visualizations, increasing your chances for a sale.

Make easy-to-eat hard food, but not too hard or crunchy so that someone might have to visit the dental clinic afterward. The best option is small sandwiches or Italian aperitivo recipes.

Food is also a way to get feedback. You can place short questionnaire cards to get the viewers’ impressions. It’s an amazing way to fix any problems before the second day at the open house starts. Of course, allow comments to stay anonymous.

Step Aside

One of those annoying things nobody wants is to have somebody follow your every footstep. Be available for questions, but don’t attack your buyers by being too aggressive or talkative. Politeness is always a plus since your personality also has an influence on the results.

If you aren’t the communicative type, place explanatory notes in each room so that the buyers can learn the information by themselves. Use nice and colorful cards to guide the viewers through your home.

Additionally, you should remove all types of personal gadgets, souvenirs, and art. Family photos are a big no-no since they distract the buyers and don’t allow them to visualize themselves in the home. Some sellers use storage units for their personal belongings during the selling process.


Obviously there are tons of things you should mind while you are showcasing the house. To be prepared at all times and to succeed at your goal, start preparing the entire process at least two or three months beforehand.

First, you should check if your home needs any small repairs like repainting kitchen cabinets and fixing a dripping sink. Next, you should hire the right videographers and various creatives to make your marketing materials.

Afterward, you should rearrange the house so that it is depersonalized but visually pleasant. Consulting with interior designers can also help in creating the ideal interior look. Get to know your house and find out which parts should be slightly concealed and which highlighted and praised upon.

Last, but not least is to prepare yourself mentally for the actual open day. Oh yes, and don’t forget to try some interesting finger food recipes.