How do I choose window coverings?

How do I choose window coverings?

Just like picking out the right kind of window for your home, selecting a good window covering poses just as much task. From roller blinds, curtains a

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Just like picking out the right kind of window for your home, selecting a good window covering poses just as much task. From roller blinds, curtains and shutters to venetians, roman, panel and drapes, choosing the a window covering that will match your taste and fit your home might be more daunting than you think.

While you may be spoilt with so much options of window coverings for home, there are certain factors you must consider in other to make the right choice. We have compiled below 5 criteria that will guide you in making the right choice in the window coverings selection for your home or office;

Decide your style

Whether you’ll eventually be going with face mounted or recess fit option for your windows covering, it is paramount to know and research exactly what style you want. Since specific styles are more suited to certain designs than others, conducting extensive research on what styles best suite your space and its overall effect on the aesthetics of your home matters a lot.

Colour scheme matters

The importance of color scheme and the need to get it right for your window coverings cannot be overemphasized. Patterns and texture play great role in setting the right ambiance and making your space look as appealing as they can. So you can never be too meticulous when selecting the right color scheme for your window treatment. To ensure you take no chances, you can even got the extra mile to request samples or swatches to see how they look in your home before deciding on your window covering of choice.

Decide your budget

Making a budget to know exactly how much you’re willing to spend is another effective means of making good window coverings choices. Certain window treatments such has Honeycomb can be really expensive. Having a pre-determined budget will automatically rule out such high-end window coverings, saving you time and money.

Decide on the finer details

When it comes to choosing the perfect window coverings, small decision¬† such as left or right control, face mounted or recessed, chain, cord, cordless or wand control often have big impact on the overall appearance of your window treatment.¬† Selecting the right finish or color for your window covering isn’t all that there is to it. When you’re looking to have perfect window coverings that will match your taste, even the little details matter.


Different people need window coverings for different purposes. From black-out lining to block out light to heavy lining that provide insulation, shades and sheers to provide complete privacy and remote controlled high up windows for convenience, various window coverings are designed to serve specific purposes. No matter what your needs may be, there is always a window treatment option that will have them adequately met.