What can you renovate in a condo?

What can you renovate in a condo?

Renovating a house is not the same as renovating a condo and that’s because of more reasons than just the space, though that’s the most important fact

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Renovating a house is not the same as renovating a condo and that’s because of more reasons than just the space, though that’s the most important factor. One of the questions people ask when they read about condo renovations is, ‘What exactly is there to renovate in a condo? And we are here to tell you, there is so much that you can do with the space available in a condo. Need to change your space without moving into a bigger apartment? Here are five things that you can renovate in a condo!

1.Bathroom fixtures

The bathroom is one of the best places to renovate in a condo because the options are endless and you don’t always have to worry about it matching with the rest of the condo. Depending on your budget, you can change the sink and faucet to the trendiest options and get new showerhead options. You can change the décor theme to something modern and edgy with steel tops and dark-colored shower drapes and cupboards.

2.Furniture renovation

Another simple but special renovation you can do is to change the furniture in your condo. You can get new materials for the old furniture or get all-new furniture in fun shapes and arrangements to give your living space a refreshing look. You can also invest in cool architecture and engineering for things like multi-functional bookshelves or coffee tables that can be turned into dining tables.

3.Bedroom design

Your bedroom is a very personal space and the options for renovating it in a condo are just as many as for any other type of house. You can get new furniture for your bedroom, bring in a mini work or reading station, or change the paint and beddings in the bedroom.

4.Theme and style

The overall theme and style of your condo can be used to give it a proper renovation. Add bright or dark colors in certain areas like an art piece and some decorative pillows in the living room, steel additions to the kitchen area, a new setup for your entertainment deck, and just little items to add some personality to the space.

5.Lighting and Accessories

Lighting in any space can do wonders for the design and décor. Get some bulb holders or create DIY holders for your light and accessorize the living space with items that allow your overall theme to pop up in color and style! With just a new bulb color, you can transform your condo.

Before embarking on any of these condo renovation projects, be sure to get confirmation and approval from the condo board or property owners so that you don’t get into any legal squabble. Remember to hire professional contractors with experience working in condos for any installation or replacement that you need for the condo renovation.