How Can I Make My Room Brighter?

How Can I Make My Room Brighter?

There are many reasons why people like to have a bright room, open rooms in their homes. Bright rooms, feel larger, they are more inviting, less stre

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There are many reasons why people like to have a bright room, open rooms in their homes. Bright rooms, feel larger, they are more inviting, less stressful, and can boost your spirits. If you find a room in your home that is naturally dark, it doesn’t mean you have to accept living in the dark for the rest of your life. There are many ways to brighten up a dark room, we have compiled a list of some of the simplest and most effective tips and practices to help you do so.

The walls, ceiling, and even the floor colours have a major role in the overall brightness of a room. Choose lighter neutrals such as light grays and whites for the walls. This will help space feel more open. To help elongate a room, consider painting your trim the same colour as the walls. Light floors help brighten up a room as well, consider lighter stains for hardwood. As an added bonus any scratches on the floors won’t be as noticeable with a lighter shade. The ceiling should always be painted a lighter colour than your walls, this again gives the illusion of height, the lighter ceiling will also reflect light back down. Using matte or flat paint will help reflect the light evenly, where glossy paint on the walls may reflect slightly more light, but will also create glare.

The type of lighting and their placement can drastically make up for the lack of natural light. Start with your bulbs, a true white bulb will provide a brighter light than a warm yellow light would. A floor lamp that aims light up and down placed at the back of the room will help brighten up space. Table lamps work well to spread light across a wall and ceiling as well.

The right décor can help brighten up any room. If you have dark floors, look to limit the exposure with a bright area rug with a lighter tone. The rug will inject some life into the room while limiting the amount of light the dark floors will suck up. Mirrors will assist in bouncing natural light around a room, you don’t need to recreate the hall of mirrors from the town fair all that is needed are a couple of well-placed decorative mirrors to accomplish this effect. Heavy, dark drapery should be avoided, instead, opt for shades that allow sunshine in.

Looking at your windows seems obvious, but the main entry point for natural light into your room sometimes gets overlooked. If your windows are dirty and covered in dust, sunlight will reflect off the dirt and the light will struggle to enter the room. Give your windows a good clean from both the inside and outside will ensure the maximum amount of natural light can enter the room. If you have a dual or triple pane window and there is condensation in between the panes, this is an indicator of a damaged seal in the window. This window has lost its efficiency and the condensation is acting as a barrier to natural light entering the room. In this case, you should look into window replacement options.

While a dark room may seem more intimate, a bright room is uplifting and energizing. Utilizing the above tips can help you brighten up any room in your home.