Is aluminum siding or vinyl siding better?

Is aluminum siding or vinyl siding better?

Choosing your home’s exterior cladding is not only about its beauty or aesthetic appeal, it involves a lot more than that. Few siding materials are be

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Choosing your home’s exterior cladding is not only about its beauty or aesthetic appeal, it involves a lot more than that. Few siding materials are better than the others in terms of their durability, finish, color options, pricing, and many others. Every homeowner gets stuck in these tricky questions sometimes or the other. Moreover, you also need to consider its advantages and disadvantages while shortlisting the ideal material for your home.

One such common confusion during the selection process is whether aluminium siding is better or vinyl siding.

Let us help you out in making the perfect choice for your home.


While looking to pick any material for your exterior, the one thing you should consider is the durability of the material. The last thing that every homeowner wants is installing a sub-standard material for their home that develops wear and tear over time.

Although both vinyl siding and aluminium siding have longer durability, vinyl siding is the clear winner. The reason for this is vulnerable to denting and scratching, whereas vinyl siding does not develop any denting or scratching. Moreover, the vinyl is much thicker in terms of thickness as compared to aluminium.


If you compare the cost between these two materials, the difference is negligible. Vinyl material is slightly expensive than aluminium. The reason for this is that vinyl has a better resale value than aluminium. Furthermore, aluminium is prone to denting and scratching reducing the entire resale value of your home.

Although, vinyl is expensive than aluminium and also the upfront cost is more. If you look at an overall perspective, aluminium is a little cheaper, but keep in mind that about the resale value of your property.


When you are in the search for the best material for your exterior cladding, do consider this an important factor. The primary objective of the exterior cladding is to keep your house and warm during the cold and summer season. This means it should keep your house warm and comfortable without letting you switch on the furnace or the air conditioner.

Aluminium absorbs the heat and can make your home hot during summers. Besides aluminium is also prone to develop cracks, holes that lead you to lose a significant amount of energy from your home.

Contrary to this, vinyl siding has good resistance to rotting, cracking, and prevents other foreign elements to enter your home.


Every homeowner wishes to install a product that saves you from the hassles of maintenance and repair work. Hence, if the aluminium siding is more prone to develop cracks and dents over due course of time. This can lead to repair or sometimes you need to replace it completely. Whereas, you only need to clean vinyl siding once in a while to maintain it, simple.