What Are The Latest Trends In Bathrooms?

What Are The Latest Trends In Bathrooms?

By using the latest designs and installing the right fixtures and appliances, you can successfully turn your bathroom into a sanctuary where you take

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By using the latest designs and installing the right fixtures and appliances, you can successfully turn your bathroom into a sanctuary where you take care of your body. To achieve this, you should consider the latest trends that people have been using to beautify and add more value to their bathrooms.

1. Wood Vanities

Nowadays, many people are already adding more natural materials to their bathrooms and wood vanities seem to be one of their favorites. The beautiful thing about wood vanities is that they create light and clean spaces that are comfortable and hygienic. With the right fixtures and appliances installed, your bathroom will offer you a cozy feel. Stained wood, reclaimed barn wood, and driftwood is often useful for wood vanities.

2. The Right Pops of Colour

Nowadays, many people are turning their backs on the usual grey tones. Resultantly, the use of pops of colour has been on the rise. So, if you want to join this latest trend, you should think about spicing up the accessories and fixtures in your bathroom with different shades of colors.
There is an endless possibility of the pops of colour you can use. If you want to create a relaxing aura, pop of blues should be your topmost choice. While green will bring a sense of wellness and nature into your bathroom, dark or light neutral shades are also great options.

3. Black is New Cool

If you are ditching grey but don’t want to use pops of color, you can always turn to black. Nevertheless, this trend for individuals who are bold enough to look different without feeling intimidated. You can make the whole bathroom black. As an alternative, you can add black mirrors, light fixtures, vanities, etc. to your bathroom.

4. Gold and Brass for the Vintage Look

Would you like to make your bathroom spot the vintage look? If yes, brass and gold should be your topmost choice. Of course, this look was en vogue some decades ago but it is finally making a comeback. Lots of people are using it already and you should consider it too. The new gold and brass light fixtures, toilets, sinks and other accessories are modern, eye-catching and elegant.

5. Open Bathrooms

Forget about standing or sitting behind a door or wall as you use the bathroom. Adopt the new trend of open bathrooms and explore the awesome concept of bathing in the open air. If you need some sorts of a barrier, privacy glass or steel can be of great help. This trend is highly recommended for condo renovation that is targeted at saving space.

6. Floating Vanities

The conventional console vanities are almost everywhere. But you want your bathroom to look different from others and this is why you should install floating vanities. Since floating vanities save storage space, they are good for condo renovation. Also, floating vanities can be used for keeping smaller items while still allowing you to store bigger things under them.

In a nutshell, bathroom designs and fixtures are changing. Therefore, if you want to stay in tune with the latest developments, choose any of the trends above.