Do sprinkler systems need to be winterized?

Do sprinkler systems need to be winterized?

Having an irrigation system in your backyard is not only beneficial but also looks elegant. Sprinkler systems ensure perfect water distribution in you

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Having an irrigation system in your backyard is not only beneficial but also looks elegant. Sprinkler systems ensure perfect water distribution in your garden with no hook-ups. As winter is approaching and the temperature dropping to the freezing point, there is a high chance of snow. Snow can prevent the flow of water supply properly, as the sprinkler systems become frozen. This freezing stops the smooth functioning of the sprinkler systems. However, you can fix these problems with the help of winterization. This process enhances the effortless running of the irrigation systems. You need to winterize the irrigation systems because the weather drops below zero degrees in many countries.

Sprinkler systems winterization is the removal of the water from your irrigation systems otherwise snow can cause damage to the entire irrigation system. Sprinkler heads, pumps, underground pipes are likely to get affected through extreme temperatures and excessive accumulation of snow.

What Happens if You don’t Winterize Sprinklers?

So, let us see why there is a need for sprinkler system winterization during the colder months.

Extreme temperatures can damage your Irrigation System

winter paves way for the accumulation of snow in various parts of the country. The water changes into snow, and the water becomes stagnant. This freezing leads to the expansion of water to one cubic foot extra. This expansion of water also causes the valves, pipes, sprinklers, and pumps to break, and finally, it bursts. The only way this solves this problem is to drain all the water from the irrigation system. This will help smooth the functioning of the irrigation system until spring.

Sprinkler systems winterization can damage your warranty.

Most irrigation service providers would advise you to use the blow method to clear out the water from your systems. The other method that few homeowners use is the gravity method. This method is not reliable to remove the water from the systems. Several irrigation services might not provide a warranty to the irrigation systems if the homeowners follow the gravity method. However, blowing out sprinkler systems winterization method can successfully lead to you to use their warranty services.

Saving hefty bills for repairing of irrigation systems

Freezing of water systems not only leads to expansion but also leads to damage to your water systems. The entire components can get destroyed during these hard times, and you could end up paying huge repair bills to the irrigation service provider.

However, if you opt for sprinkler systems winterization, then you should do it in October. October is a perfect time and the weather also allows you to do these kinds of important winter tasks.