5 Tips to Prepare for Window Replacement

5 Tips to Prepare for Window Replacement

Replacement windows are one of the fastest home improvement projects you can undertake to enhance the value of your home. The frequent operation of yo

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Replacement windows are one of the fastest home improvement projects you can undertake to enhance the value of your home. The frequent operation of your windows over the years must have affected them. And because of their exposure to the elements, the windows in your home may have lost the luster, visual appeal, and energy efficiency, among other structural damages that may have occurred to them.

Here are the 5 tips for preparing for your window replacement:

Schedule a Good Time

Most of the installation processes will take place inside the house, while the installers will also need to undertake some installation procedures outside the house. It is, therefore, important to schedule the installation to a day that the weather will permit the task. Choose a day that has nice weather (check the weather forecast). Undertaking a window replacement project when it is raining will be a lot of hassles. So, choose a day with pleasant weather.

Clean the Outdoor Area of the Window

To make the installation less cumbersome, clear and clean the outdoor portion of the windows. Remove potted plants, cut shrubs, and remove all obstacles outside the window for free movement of the installer. If the installers have to do the preparation themselves, it will take a longer time to complete the window replacement. Help them out by preparing ahead.

Clear the Interior Window Area

Although all the windows will not be removed at the same time, it is important to remove items that are close to the wall around the window for easy access when the installers come for the window replacement process. You may not face this task suddenly, plan ahead of time, and go about the preparation in a piecemeal manner to avoid tiring yourself out.

Prepare a Clear Path

It is essential to remove whatever that can be an obstacle to the smooth movement of the installers. Remember that the installers will carry replacement windows and other materials along. As a result, move bulky furniture and other items out of the way for easy movement. This will enable the installers to finish the project as early as possible without any potential danger to anyone.

Remove Window Accessories

The window replacement project involves the complete removal of the existing windows from the walls and fixing replacement windows. Due to this fact, you need to remove all window accessories installed on your window walls. Consequently, remove the curtain, window blind, window covering, and other forms of window treatment installed on the windows. However, you should be careful with the removal of window treatment because you may need to re-install then after the completion of the upgrade.