Window replacement can be a big home improvement project. It can be a lengthy process since there are a lot of options to choose from. You need to be able to determine which type of window fits your budget and will benefit you for the next couple of years. 

Here are the 5 signs it’s time for a window replacement:

Fading Furniture and Flooring 

If a particular portion of your furniture, flooring, or carpet where sunlight falls on becomes more faded than the rest in the house, you should consider replacing your windows and doors. It shows that your windows and doors have lost their resistance to harmful UV-rays. Install replacement windows that are resistant to the ultraviolet rays to protect your furniture, flooring, carpet or rug, and curtains.


If your home is too hot or cold during the summer or winter months, irrespective of turning on your HVAC, you certainly need a window replacement. The condition is none other than excessive draft from outside through draft and leaky windows. Replace your windows to have comfort in your home regardless of the prevalent temperature outside.

Over 15 Years Old Windows

If the windows in your home are 15 years old or older, they are likely to have lost their efficiency. You should be planning to replace them to improve the overall energy efficiency of your home. The windows would have worn out through operations (opening and closing) all those years. The best thing you can do is avoid possible failures that could happen to your windows due to aging. Contact a trusted window company for a window replacement.

Poor Appearance

Your windows may have lost their aesthetics and look out of place on your home’s facade. Once you see that the windows have lost their physical appeal, start planning a window replacement to upgrade the look of your home. New windows provide fresh look, appeal, and value to your home.

Prep for a Resale

If you are planning to sell your home, a window replacement is one of the improvement projects you can invest in to enhance the value of your property. A window replacement will improve the overall curb appeal of your home. Potential homebuyers will be happy to purchase a property with good curb appeal and aesthetics. It is a project that guarantees good ROI.