Why Are My Windows Leaking?

Why Are My Windows Leaking?

At one point or the other, we have all noticed little wet patches on the walls beside our windows, this is usually as a result of a leak in the window

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At one point or the other, we have all noticed little wet patches on the walls beside our windows, this is usually as a result of a leak in the window. This simply means that your window is losing the resilience to keep moisture out, and with winter coming up that’s not good news. However, most people do not pay attention to their windows and may not actually notice the leak till it’s almost too late, which is why we recommend taking extra care to check the condition of your windows while doing general cleaning. If you notice that your window is leaking, the possible cause of that leak could be one (or more) from those listed below and you may need window replacement.

1. Bad Installation

During the installation process, there could be certain mistakes that could leave gaps between the window frame and your wall, resulting in an allowance for rain and moisture to get indoors. The tricky part of this is, the gaps may be very small and not easy to notice until the leaking starts, hence you need to conduct routine checks to make sure your windows are always in top-notch condition.

2. Window Condensation

Window leaking may not be as a result of rain, or some form of water, sipping through the gaps. It could be a result of intense condensation on the glass from the early mist, humid air/heat inside or outside. This moisture reduces into condensation that leaks through your windows and walls.

3. Loose Sealant

When the sealant/caulk around your window begins to thin out, it creates gaps that allow moisture and drafty air into your house. This can be fixed by re-applying sealant and caulk on the window corners to strengthen it against the harsh weather conditions. An alternative is replacing your windows to save cost on constantly re-caulking your house windows to prevent leak.

4. Absence of Overhangs

Your roofing style could be the reason for your window leaking and this is because there are no overhangs on your roof to keep the rain away from your windows. Overhangs keep the rain at a good distance to reduce the direct effect on your windows. When you do not have overhangs on your roof, it exposes your windows to the harshness of the weather and makes windows leak more.

5. Wall Leaks

Windows leaking is not always as a result of a defect with the window itself, it could be as a result of leaking in your house walls due to a plumbing problem or cracks in the wall that should be treated urgently.

Replacing your house windows when due can help you prevent the possibility of these and save you that extra cost of repairs!