When To Replace Roof Shingles?

When To Replace Roof Shingles?

There are tons of cases where homeowners weren’t aware of the poor condition of their roof and it resulted in a minor home catastrophe. If left unsolv

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There are tons of cases where homeowners weren’t aware of the poor condition of their roof and it resulted in a minor home catastrophe. If left unsolved roof problems can lead to massive leaks, floods, foundation damage and even dripping of the roofing structure. Unfortunately, spotting that your shingles need replacing can be usually done only by the eyes of professionals. Additionally, replacing the whole structure always requires professional roofing. If you hire someone who isn’t qualified or if you try a DIY project, you will surely experience the same problems not long afterwards.

When To Replace Roof Shingles?

If The Roof Is Old

The most important factor for the condition of your shingles is the material from which they are made. Each material has its own characteristics, including lifespans and durability. This is why you should check the roof’s warranties, especially after or before purchasing a new home. Asphalt shingles, depending on the type, have a lifespan of 20 years max. Tile and metal are leading and can last to a 100 years, if properly maintained and wood can stand up straight for 30 years max. Don’t take these numbers for granted though since if improperly installed or placed in a difficult climate (frequent rain, snow and storms) those lifespans can be cut in half.

When You Spot Moss & Algae

Besides relying on numbers and age expectancy, you should also regularly check for the signs of deterioration. Some signify that you need repair and some alert you that full replacement is necessary. But to learn about the true condition of your roof, you need to contact professional roofing. One of the signs is algae & moss on the shingles. This means that water isn’t properly transported and moisture is created either on the roof or attic. Moisture is never good, especially when it causes mold and moss build up which seriously damages the roof’s functionality.

If The Shingles Are Damaged

A fairly obvious sign for shingle deterioration is if the shingles themselves are experiencing certain damages. The possible situations are having broken, curled or missing shingles. Climb on the roof and check if the shingles are in top form. If only one of them is missing, the problem might not be that big and easily fixed with a new shingle. But if a bunch of shingles are missing or curled, immediately contact professionals to see what’s causing this deterioration. Another thing you can experience is finding granules in the gutters. This means that your shingles are slowly degrading and disappearing.

When The Attic Is Fading

Before you start climbing on the roof, it is recommended that you check the attic. Quality roofing protects the home, including the attic. If you have functioning shingles and structures, the attic will be dry, properly ventilated and comfortable even to sleep in. On the other hand, if your shingles are failing the attic will be failing as well. So be sure that you’ll have rotten wood, mold, leaks, floods and moisture in that area. Besides damaging the strength of the home, these also damage our health, leading to asthma attacks and severe allergic reactions.