How Do I Prepare For Replacement Windows?

How Do I Prepare For Replacement Windows?

“If you hire a professional window contractor, you don’t have to do anything”. Absolutely wrong! Be kind and generous, ease the work of your contracto

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“If you hire a professional window contractor, you don’t have to do anything”. Absolutely wrong! Be kind and generous, ease the work of your contractors. They will have a tough time of measuring, ripping out old frames, carefully placing the new ones, sealing, drying etc.
This is why they won’t have the time or nerves to mind if the surrounding furniture, walls and floors get scratched or stained. Here is how to prepare for your window replacement project:

How Do I Prepare For Replacement Windows?

Make Way

For the contractors to finish their job, they need the necessary space around the windows. This means removing decorations, tables and chairs that are near the windows. You need to do this on the exterior side as well, so window boxes and plants should be removed too.
If you don’t have sufficient storage space and if the replacement project will last longer, then renting out a portable storage container is highly recommended. They can be brought to your home and used until the project is complete. Consult with the contractors what you need to remove so they can complete their jobs the easy way.

Remove Treatment

Another thing you should remove is the window treatment. From curtain panels to shutters, carefully take out any treatment surrounding the window. If you really cannot do this, kindly ask the contractors and they will be happy to help you.
Removing the hardware and trimmings is also recommended for some projects, but ask your contractors whether this will be of use. Also, take down any artwork on the walls since vibrations the replacement process can throw it off and damage it.

Cover Up

Most contractor cover the area themselves, but consider putting some clothes or newspapers around. Protecting your floor and furniture is really important since replacing the windows is a dirty and hard job. Consult with the contractors for this one as well since they can tell you in detail what needs to be covered and how.
Remember that having dust is normal after every construction project. So even if you cover up everything, there will be still some left afterwards. With proper ventilation and time, that dust will go away on its own.


You probably noticed how everywhere is mentioned “consult with the windows and doors contractors”. This is because efficient communication is key for the success of construction projects. Don’t be afraid of sounding misinformed or clumsy, the contractors will understand and appreciate the fact that you want to contribute and help them.
This is why hiring the right people for the job is also important. If the company is professional and dedicated, they will establish great communication from the start and will guide you through every step.