Drafty windows are the bane of energy inefficiency in any home. Drafty windows and doors have significant effects on the comfort of your home, rate and cost of maintenance and repairs of your HVAC unit, and the cost of energy bills, among others. To stop drafty windows and doors in your home, here are some of the steps you can take.

1. Snake Surprise

Buy or make a door draft stopper, also known as a door snake or a snake surprise. A draft stopper prevents warm air from escaping from the home and cold air from entering your home. You can get a similar door snake made to the size that will fit your windows perfectly. If you love do-it-yourself tasks, you can make yourself a snake stopper that will be the right size for your windows and doors.

2. Caulk Cracks

Another quick way to stop drafty windows is to identify the sources of the drafts in your windows and caulk them correctly. Small cracks, gaps, and openings allow drafts into the home. The existing caulk may have degenerated or worn out, caulk all gaps and cracks to ensure that your home is energy-efficient.

3. Plastic Film

To stop drafty windows in your house, you can apply transparent plastic films to the panes of your windows by using a hairdryer. The plastic film will prevent cold air from entering your home and improve the energy efficiency of your house. This is an affordable fix that you can do by yourself without spending on hiring a contractor.

4. Nail Polish

If there are hairline cracks on your windows, you can block them by using clear nail polish. Apply the nail polish carefully on the cracks and allow it to harden. Apply several layers of the nail polish on the cracks. The polish will be almost invisible and block your drafty windows.

5. Windows and Doors Replacement

The most effective and permanent solution to stop drafty windows and doors is to replace them. Due to wear and tear, your existing windows and doors may become drafty. To prevent drafts in your home, replace the old and damaged windows and doors. You would enhance the energy efficiency of your home and improve the curb appeal of your home.

Act now and prevent drafty windows from compromising the energy efficiency of your home ultimately. Use any of the tips above to stop drafts in your home until you are capable of carrying out a windows and doors replacement project in your home.