Wondered why those heating bills are continuously rising? Stop blaming the government and make some changes by implementing these highly efficient methods for heating bill reduction:

How Can I Reduce My Heating Bill?

Energy Star Windows

Windows have 2 main goals: to provide ventilation and to increase natural light. But this comes with a price – energy bills! Since windows are gentle and highly exposed to weather conditions, they are vulnerable to damage and deterioration. If you have poorly insulated or manufactured windows, and doors for that matter – the temperature and heat on the inside won’t be properly handled by the windows and it will end up being transferred on the outside.
The signs for window deterioration are many, including draftiness, interior condensation and rot! If you notice some of these signs, schedule a free check up and see if you need window replacement or repair. Remember to purchase windows with Energy Stars since they are tested and certified for high efficiency.

Renovate The Attic

The first thing we learn at chemistry class is that heat goes upwards! Use your high school knowledge and invest in some insulation trickery. If you are on a tight budget, only insulate the attic or smaller portions like windows and doors. Roofs also play a large role in heat retain since some shingle materials like tiles and wood keep significantly more heat inside, compared to less quality roofing. So to conclude, attic insulation is a key factor for keeping homes warmer and it doesn’t require additional energy usage.

Eco Appliances

Some eyebrows may be raised when the words eco-appliances are mentioned, but there is substantial evidence of the benefits these offer homes. Water heaters, electrical furnaces, HVACS… all of these add large sums to a bill. If they are eco instead of regular, they will use much less energy and save you up some money on energy costs. This method of reducing heating bills is great for those on a tight budget, without resources for more complicated renovations. Remember to choose appliances with energy stars since they are tested and certified by experts.

Programmable Thermostat

Everyone is talking about the newest market trend – smart thermostats. Homeowners are amazed by their practicality and efficiency. This thermostat programs itself for maintaining the ideal temperatures in your home, fully according to your needs. While it works on keeping the ideal atmosphere, it also keeps energy usage to a minimum, finding the most reasonable solutions for reduced spending. Programmable thermostats also show statistics of your energy usage thus increasing awareness and inspiring change.