What Questions Should I Ask a Roofer?

What Questions Should I Ask a Roofer?

The task to hire a competent roofer can be quite tough. You may frantically search everywhere, hoping to get one nearby with a good reputation. Furthe

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5 General Questions That Need To Be Asked Of A Roofing Contractor

The task to hire a competent roofer can be quite tough. You may frantically search everywhere, hoping to get one nearby with a good reputation. Further, you may be faced with the task of knowing what questions to ask the roofer to be convinced there won’t be complications and difficulties in the course of the job. 

Here are 5 important questions to ask a roofer before signing a contract, so you can rest assured you’ve hired a reputable company capable of getting your roof done right without hassle.

Are You a Licensed?

Many states require roofing contractors to be licensed in that state to work. However, codes and requirements differ across states. Hence, you need to understand the code requirements for your area, so you can tell if the roofer will comply with your state’s codes. Ascertaining whether the roofing contractor is licensed, and if that license is still valid will give you legal recourse in case anything goes wrong with the work.

Do You Have Workman’s Compensation Insurance?

Before, employers with three or lesser employees were not required to have workman’s compensation insurance by law, but now it’s required. Since insurance is quite costly, some companies and contractors may try to evade this requirement. However, hiring a roofing company without workman’s compensation insurance puts you at risk of incurring huge medical expenses if a worker gets injured on your property. Therefore, it’s wise to save yourself the headache by only hiring a roofing specialist who offers workman’s compensation insurance. 

Do You Have General Liability Insurance?

Workman’s compensation insurance only applies to the roofing employees while they’re on your property. However, you need general liability insurance to cover damage done to your actual property while the roofers work on your home. Insist on seeing the roofer’s up-to-date general liability insurance, so that in case any damage happens to your roof, house, or property during the roofing, you won’t be responsible for covering the damage that someone else caused. 

Do You Have a Container for Refuse Material?

In the course of replacing your roof, it will produce refuse such as shingles, nails, old plywood, drip edge, etc. Choose a roofing company that provides its own refuse container at the job site to dispose of the refuse in. You shouldn’t be required to supply the refuse container or to manage the trash once the job is completed. 

Do You Have a Local Phone Number and Address?

Whenever you need to hire a roofing company, it’s best to choose one with a physical address. Ensure you also get the company’s full name and phone number. This will help you to know where to go should your roof develop any problems after completion.


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