Top Tips for Controlling Mold

Top Tips for Controlling Mold

Do you ever ask yourself how to stop mold growth in the house? Well, we know this is a constant struggle for homeowners, especially when it comes to w

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Do you ever ask yourself how to stop mold growth in the house? Well, we know this is a constant struggle for homeowners, especially when it comes to water damage restoration. And since we’re here to help, we shared up next our top tips for controlling mold. Let’s see what you need to do to improve your home’s living quality and remove mold.

What is Mold and What Causes It?

Mold is a fungus made of small organisms common in any household. When it occurs outside, mold has an important role in breaking down dead leaves, plants, or trees. Still, when it happens inside your home, it is a clear indicator of water damage. Inside, molds grow due to moisture, and it can travel through the air. Hence, it can cause serious health problems if not dealt with. 

Mold can grow on floors, walls, appliances, carpet, or furniture. Experts say that you’re most likely to get mold in damp places like the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom or basements,

How to Stop Mold Growth In House

The first thing you should know about household mold is that you can’t altogether remove it from your home. Mold spores don’t thrive without moisture, so the best way to approach this problem is to diminish moisture inside your home and add additional ventilation measures. Always remember that if you clean the mold without fixing the moisture problem, it will return and cause further damage. 

So, here’s how to stop mold growth in the house:

  • Install a dehumidifier and an air conditioning system. This tip is extremely helpful for reducing moisture and ventilating your home.
  • Make sure indoor humidity never exceeds 60%. There are professional devices to help you measure it, such as a hygrometer.
  • Make sure your air conditioning system is clean and well maintained. 
  • When cold weather hits, make sure your house is warm and has an adequate temperature.
  • Check your home’s insulation and improve it on your exterior walls.
  • Check your windows, and fix/ replace them if necessary.
  • In case of water damage, dry the area for a couple of days to prevent mold growth.
  • Place exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom to keep moisture levels balanced.
  • Do frequent maintenance for your refrigerator, and pay close attention to the drip pans.
  • Install a plastic cover in your basement on the crawl areas. This will prevent moisture from coming in from the ground.
  • Check regularly your basement floor for leaks and make sure you do professional water damage restoration in case of flooding.
  • Check regularly for leaks around sinks, basins, and tubs.

The Bottom Line

So, this is how to stop mold growth in the house and prevent it. These are common-sense tips each homeowner can use to keep a home safe for its inhabitants. Our pro tip is to use the services of a professional team when it comes to maintenance. Also, if necessary, avoid DIY projects and use a water damage restoration team. Always remember that mold can lead to serious health problems, such as skin irritations, allergies, and lung problems.