5 causes of roof damage

5 causes of roof damage

If you’re asking yourself when it’s time for roof replacement, you’re not alone. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine whether roof damage is bey

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If you’re asking yourself when it’s time for roof replacement, you’re not alone. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine whether roof damage is beyond repair. This means you’ll have to pay close attention to telltale factors that indicate it’s time for roof replacementAnd besides this, you should learn more about the most common causes of roof damage. Next, our experts share their insights on the topic!

1. Old and damaged shingles

One of the most common causes of roof damage is old and damaged shingles. This situation can cause leaks and can expose your home to potentially hazardous situations. In addition, extreme weather conditions can damage shingles. But not performing regular roof maintenance can too take a toll on your roof’s health. When you have old and damaged shingles, the recommended solution is roof replacement.

2. Old and damaged flashing

Flashing is a core element of the roof, which serves several purposes. It’s usually made in galvanized steel since it needs to protect important areas of your roof by directing water away. When the flashing is old or damaged, many roof features are exposed to serious damage.

3. Lack of maintenance

Regular roof maintenance can support roof health and durability. But when you don’t perform it, you expose your roof to serious problems. Homeowners who use professional services for roof maintenance manage to prevent serious damage. Unfortunately, lack of maintenance is another common cause of roof damage, no matter the area you live in.

4. Clogged gutters

Besides general roof maintenance, those who aim to avoid frequent roof replacement must pay close attention to the gutters. This is a system that directs water away from a roof, paying a major role in protecting the interior. When you fail to clean the gutters, these can get clogged, which in turn exposes you to leakage into the home. You can avoid this common cause of roof damage by regularly removing debris from your gutters.

5. Trees and animals

Another frequent cause of roof damage is represented by trees and wildlife. Leaves or branches falling on the roof can clog the gutters and lead to potentially hazardous situations. But animals that live near your home can take a toll on your roof, too. Squirrels, birds, or bats can tear the shingles to create nests on our roof. This can make room for structural roof damage.

The bottom line

The takeaway here is that there are numerous causes of roof damage. You can avoid almost all by performing regular roof maintenance with the help of an experienced contractor. Asking an expert for assessment can offer valuable information on roof health. Sometimes the best solution you have is roof replacement.