Types of landscaping lighting

Types of landscaping lighting

The best approach to make your backyard stylish is to use plenty of landscape lighting solutions. The purpose of any landscape lighting approach is to

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The best approach to make your backyard stylish is to use plenty of landscape lighting solutions. The purpose of any landscape lighting approach is to offer a clear walking path during the night, along with some highlights of important areas of your patio. Experts say that choosing one or more of the following types of landscaping lighting will help you achieve the best results.

  1. Floodlights/Spotlights

The beam spread makes a distinction between a floodlight and a spotlight. Spotlights offer a concentrated beam of light at around 45 degrees. It is the simples to adjust so that you highlight a specific portion of your patio. On the other hand, floodlights come with a wider beam of up to 120 degrees. These are great for general areas such as a driveway since they boost visibility and safety.

  1. Inground lighting

An inground light is that type of landscaping lighting solution that will take your patio project to the next level. It is a circle-shaped fixture positioned into the ground. And it can be your ally in illuminating walking paths or driveways.

  1. Outdoor post lights

Outdoor post lights are inspired by bollard lights and offer an intriguingly stylish appearance to your yard. You can use these landscape lighting lights to boost the ambient without adding too much brightness. Such lights are excellent for long stretches of space since they will create an artsy result.

Keep in mind that the number of post lights can make the difference between a professional and an average result. The height of the fixture can tell you the adequate positioning of the light. Your goal is to create a welcoming environment and avoid the airplane runway look. 

  1. Path lighting

Path lights are a must for any landscaping lighting, and these shouldn’t miss from any yard. They indicate the walking path and provide significant light along the way. Besides, path lighting solutions are popular thanks to their ability to boost curb appeal.

When choosing path lighting, you should pay close attention to scale, size, and materials. Path lights should be set up about 14-inches high. Also, these need to be within 1 foot from the sites of the pathway for adequate illumination. 

  1. Step and deck lights

If you want to boost the architectural details and safety of dark stairs, using deck lights might be the best solution. These are inserted into a yard’s decking or hardscape and create a welcoming environment.

  1. Pond lights

If you have a fountain or a pond, it might be a good idea to consider pond lights. Similar to the spotlight, these lights can be submerged in water for the ultimate outdoor design.

  1. Hardscape lights

Hardscape lights function on LED technology. You can install those into or onto structures for a stylish effect. Such lighting solutions for yards are great for underlining the features of walls.

So, these are the most common types of landscaping lighting solutions. If you pay close attention to the details listed above, you will manage to create the best outdoor space for your home. Just make sure you take into account your yard’s size and illumination opportunities.