How do I Know I Need New Windows?

How do I Know I Need New Windows?

To live in a healthy environment you must be conscious at all times and actively work on improving it. Having an outdated home isn’t just bad for aest

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To live in a healthy environment you must be conscious at all times and actively work on improving it. Having an outdated home isn’t just bad for aesthetics, but it’s also bad for your health.

Roof leaks, mold growth, moisture in the attic, rotten window frames … all of these can significantly impact your comfort. So instead of living in a broken home, consider upgrading certain parts.

A general rule is to annually put aside 1% of your home’s initial value and use it for 1-2 renovation projects. Knowing which part of your home needs to be upgraded first isn’t easy. You should carefully check important areas such as windows, doors, basements, floors, attics, and roofs.

With reading this article, you will gain enough knowledge to recognize whether your windows need to be replaced.

But before we get into the signs of window replacement, let’s see what are the advantages of replacing windows:

How Do I Know I need New Windows?

The Advantages

Upgrading your home is always beneficial. First and foremost, you definitely increase home value and secondly you get to improve your lifestyle. The same applies to windows.

Because modern homebuyers are desperate for curb appeal and energy efficiency, new windows and doors add much more value than other renovation projects such as attic insulation.

Besides increasing value, you also get to reduce energy bills. New vinyl windows of high quality are able to cut down 15% of your energy spending. This means no draftiness, discomfort or leaks coming from your windows.

Among other advantages are: proper UV protection, improved security, curb appeal, practicality and no mold growth or rot, therefore, reduced health risks.

The Signs

There are many signs of window replacement, you just need to know where to look:

1. Draftiness

Proper windows seal everything! They don’t let cool air enter in the winter nor hot in the summer. If you experience draftiness near the windows, schedule a free consultation to check whether you are facing serious damage.

2. High Bills

Contrary to quality windows, damaged and old ones do let everything pass through. That’s why you turn on the heater/ HVAC more often and it never seems to get the job done. This probably isn’t your HVAC’s fault. Your windows are to be blamed!

3. Faded Furniture

Besides failing at heat transfer, poor windows also fail at UV protection. If you have faded furniture, flooring or artwork near your windows, you probably need to upgrade your glass. In some cases, full replacement is necessary.

4. Difficulties Operating

As they get old, windows and doors lose functionality in the most unexpected ways. One of them is the appearance of weird sounds while opening or closing them. These windows usually require more force to be operated. Sometimes the reason behind this is a bad repainting job and sometimes just old age.

5. Poor Soundproofing

If you start hearing your neighbours more clearly than before, you probably have bad soundproofing. Quality windows shouldn’t let noise pass through them. If you have damaged windows, your neighbours are probably hearing your snores just as you are hearing theirs.

6. Cracks and Rot

Of course you should replace or fix your windows if they are leaky. But long before these annoying leaks happen, cracks and rot usually appear. If you notice wall cracks above your window or on them, feel free to schedule an appointment with professionals.