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Halong Bay Cruises that You can Enjoy

If you want to see one of the best views of Vietnam, you need to take a Halong Bay Cruise. In Halong Bay you see a beautiful setting filled with thousands of islets, crystal clear waters which are faced by sheer cliffs. There are three types of cruises you can take on Halong Bay.

The first type of cruise is the junk cruise which is a cruise in a junk boat or a wooden boat made in the classic Asian style. Although the junk boat is relatively small there are a lot of rooms inside like a restaurant, a lounge, a bar, a shop, and a library. In a junk boat, there are almost a dozen or so sleeping cabins.

You can have a taste of Vietnamese food served in their restaurant. You can watch performances of Vietnamese music or you can participate in other cultural activities. Kayaking by day and night fishing are the other activities which you can do will on cruise. In Halong bay you will find many junk cruises at any given time.
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Another type of Halong Bay Cruise is the luxury cruise. The Emeraude is one of their luxury cruise ships. This is a historic single-wheeled paddle steamboat that was built in Vietnam. It is about 180 feet long but it has three decks and 39 cabins with one suite. It has a restaurant that can seat 80 people. They also have bars, shops, massage rooms, and entertainment places.
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There is a sun deck you can relax in, or in the morning you can take Tai chi classes. There is also a swimming platform so you can swim off the side of the ship. The warm and calm waters of the bay is a great place to take a swim.

A private car with a driver, a luxury twin or double cabins with air conditioning, main meals and a cocktail when you arrive on board, are some of the thing included in the price of a luxury bay cruise. If you want to join the Tai chi classes in the cruise, you need to pay a fee to join. Not included in the cruise price that you have to pay for are: a private boat, extra drinks, tips, massages, and guided tours.

The third kind of Halong Bay cruises are the chartered cruises. Chartered cruises can be a junk cruise or a luxury cruise. In a chartered cruise, you choose the ship and plan some parts of the itinerary.

Junk boats and luxury ships are the two main types of ships used for a Halong bay cruise. You can see a lot of sights which seem to be endless. You can miss some things on your cruise since there are a lot of beautiful views of the Bay and nearby areas. And this is the reason why one cruise on the Halong Bay is not enough.