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Why Drinking Lemon Water Is Beneficial Health wise. The health benefits of drinking lemon water are several based on a number of studies done. In short, you are likely to drink more water if you add lemon. Being hydrated is very important if you want to be healthy. However, many people struggle to drink many glasses of water because of its natural taste. As such, sweetening water is highly encouraged. Lemon is one of the top water sweeteners around to say the least. The article that follows talks about the main advantages of drinking lemon water. Hopefully, these advantages will motivate you to start drinking such water. Promotes Hydration Drinking several glasses of water on daily basis is very essential as mentioned before. Keeping the body hydrated does boost your overall health. The natural state of water does however not impress a lot of people. People are likely to drink water when they feel thirsty, which is simply not enough. Introducing a sweetener is the solution for boosting a person’s water intake. When it comes to sweetening water, lemon is one of the best options. This is as a result of lemon having a number of health benefits as you are going to establish in the rest of this article.
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In a nutshell, lemon is highly packed with vitamin C. Vitamin C is a key antioxidant that protects your body cells against damaging free radicals. Vitamin C can help eliminate diseases such as lower blood pressure and stroke. In addition, vitamin C has been found to be very effective in fighting common cold. From the benefits above, it is quite obvious that drinking lemon water has many advantages. The good thing about lemon is that the fruit is freely available in supermarkets and grocery stores. This means that there is no excuse for not drinking lemon water more regularly. Improve Your Skin Based on a number of studies done, there is prove that vitamin C has a lot of benefits to the skin. One, scientists have found that vitamin C actually slows skin wrinkling. For instance, studies established that people who took vitamin C had fewer wrinkles. Also, drinking water helps your skin to retain moisture thereby keeping the skin in a good condition. You skin can therefore be enhanced if you drink water more often. Aids Weight loss Various clinical studies on mice show that lemon water can boost weight loss. Drinking water boosts weight loss, even though the same results have not yet been proven in humans but there is a lot of evidence out there that suggests so. To prove beyond reasonable doubt that drinking lemon water is beneficial, more research ought to be conducted.