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Survival Gear that all Outdoor People Should Know About If you enjoy activities like hiking and camping then you are most likely an outdoors person. Many outdoor lovers enjoy taking some time away from everything and just going into nature to have fun. There are many things you can do in the outdoors. Those who go out on a camping or hiking trip always report to come back feeling relaxed and invigorated. However, the outdoors is not always welcoming and nature can turn on you in some unfortunate situations. If anything were to go wrong; it is wise for you to know what to carry for survival. Below are some of the things you might need. Carry a Lighter If you want to camp there are instances where you feel the need to be conventional. Starting a fire with no technological device is very cool. Nevertheless, you may end up in a situation where you have no materials to start the fire traditionally. In such an instance having a lighter can be the best shot you have. If you have a lighter, you can start several fires for weeks and even months without any problem at all. Knife You absolutely need to have a knife with you whether big or small. You can use a knife for various things out in nature. You can use the knife as a weapon and also as a utensil depending on your needs. With the right skills you might learn how to tie the knife to the end of a stick and make a spear. You can take the knife and use it to cut twigs and branches, which you could use to prepare a shelter. Additionally, the knife could also be used to sharpen a stick that can be used to hunt,
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Compass Compasses come in all shapes and sizes. They are so common you might have one connected to the backpack you have. It is very unwise to go into the wild with no compass. You will need to have a sense of direction especially when you feel lost. It does not have to be an entirely remote place, one can get lost even in a state park forest. When you have a compass it is easy to know which direction you are headed.
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Water Bottles It may appear at the bottom of this list but it is one of the most important. Water is essential for life. With no water you might collapse and die after some time. That is why you need to carry a large container of water. When you are on a nature trail you never know what could go wrong. Having a huge water bottle is good because you can use the water slowly.