The Benefit of Timber over PVC for Sash Windows

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When installing sash window frames to your property, firstly you need to decide on whether to choose timber frames or PVC frames. Although PVC is often considered to be a longer lasting and more convenient material, the truth is actually quite different. Whether you are wish to your property a traditional period appearance or simply want to have a great looking property in general, timber frames provides natural and authentic finish. This is something that you cannot expect from PVC frames even with multiple materials.



One of the main reasons people opt for PVC is because it is convenience and requires less maintenance than timber frames. However, their low maintenance can create inconvenience for you later on. While timber frame requires regular maintenance, this isn’t an option with PVC. PVC frames will keep their convenience for a few years after installation, but after a while the frames will appear worn out and jaded and you will be unable to repaint them. Timber frames, on the other hand, do require regular maintenance, but they will provide beautiful looking frames for a longer period.


As with maintenance, it is extremely difficult to repair PVC frames. If a part of PVC frame gets damaged, the only solution will be to replace the entire frame, whereas a timber frame can be repaired without the need to change the entire window frame. Although it is very unlikely for PVC frames to fall apart, bad weather conditions can cause serious damage.


PVC frames offer a lifespan of between 20 to 30 years and some constructed frames are guaranteed for this period. The life span of PVC does not correspond to the 60 year lifespan which timber frame offers. Although it may cost you more to install timber frames, they last longer than PVC, and you can also replace and remove any damaged parts without having to change the entire frame.


If you are seeking an authentic, period property look for your home or property PVC is not the correct choice. Although vinyl and composite elements have improved over time, they still cannot equate to the natural beauty and authenticity which timber frames offer. They are not just beautiful outside, but looks beautiful from inside as well. Furthermore, the sash pane pattern adds elegance to your home.


If you have a period property PVC frames will not complement the traditional appearance If you are living in a conservation area or have a Listed building, you may need to obtain a legal right to use timber frames and sash windows to match the style of property. Even if you aren’t required to have sash windows, it may be easier to obtain planning permission for the property to includes this feature.

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